Sorry. I couldn’t think of a better title for this introductory post.

Welcome to A Song of Books and Whiskey, my self described “cute little book blog.” You might be wondering why I wanted a “cute little book blog,” when I already have a website and about a hundred social media accounts. I suppose I should answer.11701102_1641265436094269_4268162325929856995_n

You might have already noticed that this style of writing is a bit more “bloggish” than what I normally put on ianthomasmalone.com, which is exactly why I created another site. I wanted a place for books, booze, and other thoughts. Also, I get asked to host cover reveals a lot and I’ve never really wanted to take my author site in that direction.

So here we are. Originally, this idea was going to include stuffed animals as well and maybe it will, but now there’s also Stuffed Animals of New Amsterdam. So we’ll keep to the paper and the bottle for now.

Introductory posts are tricky because they serve their purpose pretty much straight from the get go. You’ve been welcomed. What now?

I am looking for help running this place. No, it’s not a paid position. It’s not even hosted externally, though that might change in the future. These are deep waters….

Why books AND alcohol? Why not? Truthfully, I thought it gave things a bit of character. There are a lot of book blogs out there and many of them look alike. Also, I like booze, if it’s okay to admit that.

Thanks for checking the site out. Also, big thanks to Meg Montgomery, who designed the logo. It’s pretty incredible.



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